Make Your New Home Construction Seamless With These 5 Tips

by Jacque Grenning 05/02/2021

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When you're buying a new construction home, you might feel like there are too many choices and things to consider. But choosing a new construction company and watching them build your new home from the dirt up can be a very enjoyable experience. These five tips can help you get the most out of that exciting time and end up with a home you and your household absolutely love.

1. Choose the Right Builder

Research builders and check testimonials. Visit other homes they've built in your area. Ask to speak with people who've been living in a home for at least five years, when possible. Explore the custom options the builders offer. If you're really interested in smart home technology, you'll also want to look for a builder who is familiar with these technologies, so they can be seamlessly integrated into the home.

2. Choose the Right Location

Increasingly, builders are building several new construction homes in existing neighborhoods. If you like the look and feel of an established neighborhood, this may be a good fit for you. Others are building homes in a completely new development that is set apart from the city, which may take a little extra time to see shops, foliage and wildlife develop and settle around the area. There's no right or wrong choice here, but it's important to consider where the home will be in relation to things you want to be near.

3. Explore Customizations 

You'll be presented with customization options in most cases. And some of these can be pricey. But don't immediately write them off. Many of these can significantly enhance the enjoyment you get out of your home, how your family grows into the home and its future resale value. It's much more expensive and inconveniencing to finish an attic or get top-of-the-line countertops installed later. 

4. Don't Let Option Stress Get You Down

If you do end up getting overwhelmed by choices, know that most builders will have standard options called "spec" that will please most people. They know the current trends, styles and features people are typically looking for.

5. Factor in the What You Save When You Buy New

When you're buying an existing home, you're often getting things that are five, 10 or older. Because of this, things will break down and need to be repaired over time. 

When you buy a new home, you're much less likely to have a major expense in the first five to 10 years. And once things do need repair or replacement, they're not likely to go out all at once.


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